How many photos do we get?

This varies a ton! If you are on schedule, have a large bridal party or family, and lots of details to photograph you will get a lot more images than if you are behind schedule (which cuts into photo time), have a small bridal party and only a few family photos you want, and not a lot in terms of decorating! We tend to average 100 edited images per hour shooting! So an 8 hour wedding normally receives about 800 retouched images. There is no cap to how many I will edit, but I also cannot promise a certain number due to circumstances out of my control.

Do you travel?

Heck yes we do! If the location is close enough to drive, we just tack on some gas money after we hit 40 miles out of our home. We are super easy going, and love exploring new places! For out of state weddings, we make it super easy and book all of our own flights/air bnbs/rental cars, and add it to the price of our packages. We even have a little teardrop trailer that we can take on longer road trips, and all we need is a camping spot! If we are already traveling for a wedding or to visit family, we don’t add any travel fees for additional sessions booked.

Do you feel comfortable shooting indoors?

We do! No matter the lighting situation, we have the necessary gear to photograph it and make you look amazing! We have flashes, reflectors, and cameras that shoot well in low light. We gotchu, boo.

do you need to see my venue before the wedding?

After shooting weddings for 7 years, we are confident in our abilities and can shoot no matter the location! We always show up at least 15 minutes early to scope out the place and find some great spots for photos. Venue tours are not super helpful as the same venue can look completely different in summer as it does in winter, and the weather can affect the light as well!

my fiance is nervous for photos, what do we do?

This is totally normal, and something I hear before almost EVERY shoot! All of my couples have a blast during our sessions, and I know that being in front of the camera can be nerve-wracking, but I am here to make it an awesome experience! I am always down to go grab a drink before an engagement session if that’ll help get rid of some nerves ;) Engagement sessions are a really unique time for you as a couple. In most cases, the year of planning a wedding is the busiest, craziest year ever. You are likely finishing school, moving, looking for new jobs or transferring, looking for a place together, planning a wedding, and somehow trying to find time to slow down and ENJOY this season. This is the magic of an engagement session! It’s two hours for you to just be. It’s time to cuddle up with each other, kiss a ton, run around and not have to make any decisions about the wedding! This is another reason why I stress having an engagement session if you are nervous for wedding photos. It gives us a chance to work together and for you two to see how things will go on the big day. I like to recommend that you give yourself some time the day of the engagement session! Don’t come running right from work all flustered and stressed, but if you are able to take the day together and almost turn it into a day-date before the session, you’ll get a heck of a lot more out of it!

Do i get the raw images?

RAW images are like a Costco sized box of Grape Nuts. They are big, they are bland, and nobody really likes them, except Kevin somehow?! I promise you, you won’t want ‘em, and won’t know what to do with ‘em.  Editing is a huge part of why you chose the photographer you do, so asking for photos without any retouching will just give you a file you can’t open with an unfinished look.

can you help us with our timeline?

Yes, this is one of my favorite things to help our couples with leading up to the big day! I have timeline templates for all of our packages, and can customize it to your ceremony time, if you are having a first look or not, and any other details that are a part of your day.

how do we book you?

To make this thing official, all I need is a signature on the contract and $1,000 to hold your date! The rest is due two weeks before the wedding. The signature is electronic, so its super simple! I use a program called 17 hats that allows us to keep all of your important wedding details in one place, and both the contract and invoice will be sent through that.

can we bring our dog to our engagement session?

1,000% YES. Just know that I will try to get a couple of all of you looking at the camera, but dogs get distracted easily, and sometimes it just won’t happen. My focus is to capture a lot of candid moments and use prompts to get movement and personality in the photos. It makes the session so much more FUN and so much more YOU when you are interacting with your fiancé and cute pup.

how long until we get our wedding photos?

Sneak peeks are my jam! I love being able to send a few photos as you jet off to your honeymoon to be able to share with friends + family. Those get to you within a few days of your wedding, and the final gallery will be delivered in 4 weeks or less!

ready to make this thing official? I can’t wait to hear from you!