sacramento anniversary session | alex + wayne

Alex + Wayne are near and dear to my heart! Alex and I met when I moved to California my sophomore year of high school. I had gone to private school my whole life, and then my family moved from Seattle to Manhattan Beach and I was attending my first public school. I knew absolutely NOBODY, and I had no idea who I would sit with at lunch. I was terrified to say the least! I walked into 4th period PE with Mr. Beaumont and I spotted the curly haired blond girl in the back and sat down, and we were instantly friends! Turns out, it was HER first day, she had just moved from Oregon and knew nobody there- so we were inseparable. I honestly think we may have had a sleepover that first night! Nine years later, we've both gotten married and were in each other's weddings, and I am so dang thankful for this girl. Her and Wayne got married a little over two years ago on NYE (best party ever!) and I got to take some photos for them last time I visited Sacramento. 

I asked these two love birds what their favorite thing about each other was! Alex loves Wayne's sense of humor. At any moment he can make her laugh, and it's her favorite thing about him. Wayne loves how she holds him accountable and loves him unconditionally. Since I just recently got married, I asked what they have learned so far:

"Be kind and patient. Don't hold things over each other. Don't forget why you fell in love. Always give kisses everyday :)"

"Real love is a choice. Everyday, through the ups and downs and life lessons, we get the privilege to wake up everyday and choose each other. He is the absolute joy of my life, and I wouldn't want to experience this journey alongside anyone else."

There you have it! I am so thankful for these two. There is no better time to celebrate your love than the present!

Ps. This was my first time ever seeing an almond orchard and it was the most beautiful thing ever! 

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