summer snohomish wedding | caris + jerry

Caris + Jerry's wedding was 9 months ago, and I cannot believe I am just getting to blog this. I took a couple years off blogging mostly because I didn't know how at the time, and I felt so nervous writing anything so I just avoided it! I finally figured out the logistics behind it (I'm embarrassed that I could never get the gallery upload to work, so I would do each image individually and every single blog post took me HOURS. Thankful to say I have learned a few things;)) and I also learned how to get my voice to come across rather than sounding like a robot when I type! 

This wedding holds such a special place in me and Kevin's heart as it was a week before we got married last summer. We had finished all of our planning, our families were starting to fly in for our wedding, and we had a PACKED couple weeks. We shot double wedding weekends for the two weekends before our own wedding, and a TRIPLE wedding weekend on the one following! We're crazy, I know, but we loved every second of it! I think we only had 13 weddings last year, and they all happened to be around our wedding! 

Anyways, back to Caris + Jerry! These two made me cry like a baby (proof below) during their first look. The way they looked at each other, the passion and emotions they had, their joyful + loving personalities, how insanely grateful they are for each other... it was the best day. Their families were so fun to be around, their bridal party was a blast, and they had a live band!!! It's the only wedding that we had shot with a live band, and it was SO cool. Once the sun set, the band went out back on the patio and played under the string lights. It was straight from a movie! 

Photography- Breanna Marie Photography

Venue- Thomas Family Farm

Florist- En Fleur Design

Bar- Pour Girls & Some Guys

Hair/Makeup- Pacific Artistry

Dress- Claire Pettibone

Food- Larry's Smokehouse

Cake- Simply Sweet

Wedding Rings- Staghead Designs

Live Band- The Rusty Cleavers

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