my thoughts on having an unplugged ceremony


You guys, I love unplugged weddings! What is that you ask?! It is where the officiant makes an announcement (or there is a sign for the guests to see) that they would like no photos taken during the ceremony by guests. I love it for many reasons, and I would love to encourage couples planning their own weddings to give it a thought!

There is something to be said for being completely present. These days (how old do I sound?!), you can't take the bus or let alone walk across the street without peoples eyes being glued to their cell phones. There is an obsession in our generation with capturing everything we do, to the point where people don't experience as much on their own! And I'm no different! I love taking snapshots of my day to have memories to look back on, but I am trying to be more intentional with my time and focus. 

Weddings are the day people look back on for the rest of their lives! They spend months and months planning out all of the details, deciding exactly how they want their day to go and who they want to be there to witness it! I would hope that these brides get to look out at all of their friends and family and see smiling faces rather than iphones or ipads.

For those of you attending weddings, I'd love to encourage you to put yourself in their shoes, and realize how incredible it is that they chose to have you witness this moment! Be present, and know that the photographer will capture shots that are probably a little nicer than your iphone ;) You get to enjoy the event, the bride and groom get to look out and see your beautiful faces, and none of their images have phones covering them. 

This wedding above is from a few years ago before this whole 'unplugged' thing was a big deal. If I knew about it, I would have mentioned it! The day was so stunning, and this detail did not take away from the day, but because of the small size of the space, I was not able to get another shot of the bride and her father walking down the isle. I've had people stand in isles to get a cell phone shot, heck, I've seen the PARENTS jump up with their ipad to snap photos right in front of me and another photographer! Professional photography is an investment, and after the cake is gone and the dress is put away, the photographs are what you have for the rest of your life to remember that day. 

Here are two images from a recent wedding where the officiant announced (in the best way ever) that it is an unplugged wedding. Before the ceremony began, he took out his cellphone and took a selfie with the entire crowd and encouraged them to do the same. Then he said "Ok- you guys have gotten your photo! Now power your devices off and enjoy this experience." These photos took my breath away, and I hope that more couples get the chance to have photos like this. 

Breanna CoonComment