2018 year in review


Where do I even start?! I cannot believe the amount of growth, both in business and in my personal life that took place this year. Although I have been shooting since 2010, I did not go full time until 2017, and even last year felt a little off. This year felt different. I’ve I probably sound like a broken record, but I am so damn thankful to be doing this for a living. It is not something I take lightly, and being able to capture so many special moments for people really does mean the world.

I wanted to share a photo from every session this year, not just the weddings, because they have all impacted me and helped me grow. This year was humbling in many ways, and I still have much to learn, but I am feeling so blessed and excited for all that is to come. Many of our clients have not only trusted us to capture these important moments, but have become friends even after their weddings.

Early last year when I was struggling with comparison and jealousy, my sweet fiancé at the time asked me if I liked my life. I was taken back by that question, and answered, “of course I do. I love my life!” To that, he told me (in the nicest way possible) to act like it. It was such a simple statement, but one I took so seriously in 2018. I still have days where comparison gets the best of me or I let negative thoughts creep in, but I’ve had a better mindset this year than any year previously. This year, I took myself out of the equation. I no longer put my wants and needs at the forefront, and just strived to tell the true stories of the people in front of me. I wasn’t concerned with going to the most adventurous locations, or to get that shot just for social media, but to choose the spots that had a special meaning to our couples and families. Don’t get me wrong, I love to go on adventures, but I no longer saw it as something I needed to be successful. What’s more important is to slow down, listen, and tell the stories as they happened.

A few more updates - this year (as I’m sure most of you have seen the obsessive photos) we got a puppy! Steve has been the sweetest addition to our family, and it’s turned me into an even bigger homebody than before. I shot my first wedding in California, and we have another one next month! We were published in Seattle Bride Magazine, and I invested into the business by attending a few different workshops this year. I learned some hard lessons about organization, procrastination, and saying no, and I am excited to continue to put into practice all of the new knowledge. 2018 has been a pretty transformative year, and we couldn’t have made it without those who have supported, challenged, and encouraged us.

As for 2019, my goal is to trust God whole heatedly, give more of my time and resources, and be thankful for where I am at, no matter where I am at. I want to call my friends and family more, go on walks with my dog, and host more meals at our table than I can count. Thank you to everyone in these photos, you’ve helped shape me more than you know!

Breanna CoonComment