arlington wedding | cody + lindsey

Cody and Lindsey's wedding was truly out of a fairy tale. The venue was surrounded by ponds and tall trees and little white bridges, and bride and groom looked like they stepped straight out of a magazine. I went to high school with the two of them, and it was such an honor to be able to capture their beautiful day along with a lot of familiar faces from high school! Both Cody and Lindsey have hearts of gold, and I am so thankful for these adorable high school sweethearts! 

“Breanna Downs not only shot pictures of one of the most special days of my life, she immersed herself into my new family in the time we spent together. Breanna has a presence about her that is sincere and incredibly charming, may it be her faith or perhaps her natural drive to serve, but there is no doubt that her priority is meeting your expectations through the art of photography. She was born with a gift in photography and because of her gift, I can look back at my special day and remember it in the finest detail. Thank you Breanna. It has been a couple of years since you shot my wedding and I am ever grateful for our time together.”

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